It is well known that periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues holding the tooth, the complex of which consists of the bone, gums, mucous membrane and ligaments called periodontium. Accordingly, when the development of periodontitis occurs, the tissues supporting the tooth are destroyed which causes active loss of teeth in the majority of adult people.

It’s worth noting that these pathological processes cause bacteria that live in the mouth to grow in huge quantities. That is why among the variety of diseases of the oral cavity this disease is so widespread that the number of patients is second only to tooth cavities.

Usually it is difficult to point out the causes of this disease. However, most specialists actively studying this pathology unequivocally state that its development is determined by the following factors:

— presence of bacterial plaque;

— genetic predisposition;

— inflammation of the gums;

— non-compliance with proper oral hygiene habits, leading to the accumulation and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

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