If you keep thinking that industrial production in Ukraine is at a stop, it means that you haven’t been in Dnipro! We believe that successes and opportunities of many of the city and the region enterprises are worth knowing all across Ukraine.

Today we’ll focus on the heavy machine plan Dnipropolimermash. Though it has existed since 1967, the plant managed to become a true leader in its industry only in 2007, 40 years after the foundation.

Vadym Yermolaiev, known as one of the main Ukrainian investors, decided to develop an enterprise that was suffering economic troubles.

The technological infrastructure and production facility began to develop rapidly, and to date, Dnipropolimermash is an absolute leader not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS.

The plant produces press-tool for the vulcanization of pneumatical and band tyres, tyre flaps, tube diaphragms and innertubes.

The range of tyre sizes for which press-tool are made is quite big: from a  tyre of a walk-behind tractor 9L12 of size to a tire 40.00-57 of size of a dump truck with the loading capacity of 180 ton.

The plant supplies equipment for the iron and steel, mining and processing industries, along with energy and agriculture, mastering farm machinery and welded metal structure production. It is planned to create an integrated line for performing a variety of works with metal: from processing to painting and drying.

Though it should be admitted that the core value of any business is the people. The best metallurgical engineers work at Dnipropolimermash, and we do not exaggerate, because designing is also creativity, and at the plant according to the drawings they can create exceptional designs, parts, and even packaged unit.

The company has more than 70 thousand square meters of production space, equipped with all kinds of metal-working machinery for technological conversion, including unique machines with programmed numerical control for tread pattern processing in metal solid. The specialists of the enterprise develop the most complicated control software program, including for simultaneous five-axis processing.

It’s hard to imagine which of domestic and foreign businesses are listed as the clients of Dnipropolimermash, however, the most responsible project of the plant is to operate hydroelectric power station.

The plant produced details and units for the third hydropower unit of the DniproHES. Since such equipment is very complex not only in functioning but also in performance, the designers faced a difficult task, which had to be tackled by two plants: a synchronous vertical-shaft hydro-generator-motor with rated power 416 MW was designed at the Electrotyazhmash plant in Kharkiv, and the production of covering was tasked to Dnipropolimermash.

The plant has coped with manufacturing of the order within a set timeframe. The shipment came off according to all necessary standards and requirements, engineers of the company gained additional experience in participation in a large-scale project. Dnipropolimermash continues to modernize its equipment and is ready to accept even larger and more complicated orders.

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